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Air transport service in a full plane (Dedicated), which will meet the customer's requirement in a timely manner and immediately, so it will move from its air base to the collection site, and then goes to the destination airport to deliver.

Hand Carry

Hand Carrier: Air shipment door to door, where land transportation is mixed at origin with air shipment through an airline and finally ground delivery at destination. To perform this service, a person is required to fly on the plane along with the merchandise on board as luggage. This person is called Courier.


Over The Counter: Door-to-door air shipment, where land transportation is mixed at origin with air shipping through Aeromexico Cargo and finally land delivery at destination, in this way a service similar to Hand Carry is made but without Courier.


Air cargo transportation with a cargo airline, which already has its established routes and rates per cubic meters and volumetric weights. To this only the costs of ground transportation at source and destination are added.

Hot Shot

Ground transportation as urgent and expedited, which should consider double operator (Team Driver) so that it does not stop its transit to destination.


Sending ground transportation by full truck (Dedicated), where the unit leaving the Origin plant, goes directly to the road to perform the service and delivery at destination.


Sending ground transportation by partial truck (Consolidated), where units are scheduled to collect materials at certain times to be taken to a consolidation center, then the goods are shipped to a common destination, to be delivered according to a delivery schedule previously scheduled.

Milk Run

Sending land transport by full truck (Dedicated) but with the possibility of making several collections and several deliveries according to the itinerary previously scheduled in conjunction with the customer.


Inventory storage and control ◄
Strategic Controlled Enclosure ◄
Cross Docking ◄
Packing & Picking ◄
Rework and tray washing ◄

Logistics Management

Manage the customer's logistics operation in its different stages: Inbound, Internal, Outbound, or Reverse Logistics, seeking to deliver quarterly savings making its operation more efficient.

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ALP Carriers: An organization that provides freight transport services, which become effective solutions in its supply chain in an increasingly globalized and competitive automotive industry market.

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ALP Consultores: A firm of lawyers and specialists in the areas of foreign trade, transportation and logistics with extensive experience in the automotive, maquiladora and export manufacturing markets.

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A group of specialists in foreign trade and logistics issues, who realized the importance of attending the services issued with the skills and critical conditions of the automotive industry, bringing as a differentiating factor the sense of urgency so limited in the market. That is why, with the help of excellent business partners, we were able to meet this growing demand together and create synergies in favor of our customers. Together they created Alianza Logística del Potosí SA de CV; 100% Mexican company that was founded in the city of San Luis Potosí that manages comprehensive logistics services, which prioritizes, puts before and understands the needs of the customer in urgent and expedited situations, to provide logistics solutions that allow to achieve its effective realization.


ALP Logistics, a 100% Mexican company legally constituted in SLP and with representative offices in 10 cities of Mexico and presence in 3 continents of the world.

We are the best 3PL that provides comprehensive logistics services to serve urgent transportation services in the region, which become effective solutions in your supply chain in an increasingly globalized and competitive automotive industry market. This is achieved through our personalized attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with timely and very precise monitoring of all your requirements, and with the help of the best business partners and logistics actors in the region.

"We comply with the ISO-9001 quality certification since 2013 and through our business partners we comply with the C-TPAT and OAS safety standards. This allows us to guarantee an efficient and quality service to our customers who are looking for solutions to their urgent shipments.."

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Provide comprehensive logistics solutions, mainly for expedited and urgent requirements, based on customer service and attention, excellence in operations and continuous improvement.


To be the best business partner for our customers and suppliers, being the best company in the logistics sector to work in Mexico and that also generates benefits for all interested parties.


1. Customer service 2. Empathy 3. Professionalism 4. Honesty 5. Punctuality 6. Synergy

Quality politics

“At ALP Logistics, we are committed to increasing the satisfaction of interested parties, through the administration of land and air freight services, that exceed their expectations, with qualified personnel, timely deliveries and competitive prices. Complying with the applicable requirements, in a context of continuous improvement of the international standard ISO 9001”.

-Quality beyond Certification-


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